Man arrested for burning Mexican Flag


A Tucson man was arrested Tuesday for his role in the burning of a Mexican flag as part of a counterprotest at a pro-immigration rally.

At about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Tucson police cited Roy Warden, 58, on suspicion of assault, criminal damage and reckless burning, and then released him, according to Sgt. Decio Hopffer.

GOP Bloggers points out that if you burn an America Flag in America that is freedom of speech. It is either none or all. You can destroy our flag, but not there's. Do you agree with that? Or should that be changed?

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Counter Protester Beat

A Counter protester to the immigration rallies today was beat.

Dozens of people pressing for rights for illegal immigrants gathered for a peaceful demonstration on Monday just minutes after a counter-protestor was bloodied by a teenager who hid his face with a bandanna.

The attacker, described as a Hispanic teenager, went after one of three white people carrying signs arguing that illegals have no rights, police said.

As the teen fled, the victim dropped to the pavement after being hit with something heavy that the teen had carried, possibly in a sock or a bandanna, said Portland Police Sgt. Robin Gauvin. There were no arrests as of late afternoon.

The victim, identified as Robert Gorman, 23, of Portland, was hauled away in an ambulance minutes before 200 people gathered. He was treated and released from Maine Medical Center.

Hope this man recovers. When things like this happen, nobody wins.

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Look what the Dems are doing now

This is another ridiculous thing from Democrats. It is regarding the immigration situation.

A number of photoswere taken at yesterday's Dallas illegal immigrant protest, including this one of a Democrat recruitment flyer encouraging Mexican immigrants to vote for Democrats in 2006.


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For those who favor barrier….

Blogs for Bush had this. 

April 7, 2006–A Rasmussen Reports national opinion survey asked Americans to choose between two hypothetical candidates with differing positions on the immigration issue.

"One candidate favors building a barrier along the Mexican border and forcing illegal aliens to leave the United States. The other candidate favors expanding the ways that foreign workers can legally get jobs in the United States."

Forty-six percent (46%) of Americans said that they prefer the candidate with the harder line on illegal aliens while 38% opt for the candidate who wants to expand legal opportunities for foreign workers to find jobs.

So for those who support the barrier, this is good news for you, and your possible favorite candidate. Is this a good thing for America? leave a comment let the world know.

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“Patriotic” cloths ban

This makes me very angry.

The immigration debate and demonstrations caused a middle school in Adams County to change their dress code.

Students at Shaw Heights Middle School are no longer allowed to wear anything that's patriotic, including camouflage pants, because they have become a political symbol for a version of patriotism.

"It upsets me that we cannot support our troops, the military," said Kirsten Golgart, an eighth grader who was told she'd be suspended if she didn't change her clothes. "We can't support our country. If we're American, I think we should be proud to be an American."

A letter went home to parents last week that explained for student safety, no clothes were allowed with political messages or flags of any sort.

Well this is out of line. In America we should be able to wear what ever we want, especially if it is Patriotic. Please people do you see whats going on. You can't even support the military!

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