Steve White in trouble again

Well democrat congressional candidate Steve White is in trouble yet again. You may remember he was investaget for showing;

The clip refers to President Bush as an a–hole and includes disparaging remarks about top people in the Bush administration, as well as Fox News personalities such as Bill O’Reilly.

If that is not bad enough it looks like Steve White did almost the same thing again, except against Bill Clinton.

White, who is a Democratic candidate for the District 4 seat on the state House of Representatives, was previously accused of showing an offensive Internet video against the Bush administration to his eighth grade science class at West Limestone High School.

“We’ve had some calls from parents about other allegations and we are talking to students,” Carroll said. “We hope by (Tuesday) we will be able to determine something and move in whatever direction we need to.”

Carroll did not describe the new complaints but one parent said an obscene video showing an animated Bill Clinton was shown to students.

This is wrong, forcing your beliefs onto other people, who are 8th grade students. This seems like grounds for removal from his position. Does he think this is helping him? Liberals might not even vote for him. These actions need to be ended immediately. At the least White should have no contact with any school computer for the time being.

I especially love that White forced a young man in his class to say "John Kerry Rocks," before leaving class.