Delay speaks

Well once you are no longer running for office, and you dont have to worry about what you say, you can speak the truth about how you really feel. Well today Tom Delay did speak the truth.AP


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Thank You Tom!

Take time and sign this letter to thank Tom Delay. You may not like him, you may love him. Either way he has been a good member for the GOP and has stood up for our beliefs.

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Tom Delay will not run

Tom Delay the former Republican Majority leader in the House of Represenatatives today Reutersannounced he would not run for re-election. Speculation has swirled about weather he would run or not since he has been under investigation in his home state of Texas.

Republican Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas, the House of Representatives' fallen majority leader, announced on Tuesday the end of a re-election fight he was in jeopardy of losing and said he would soon step down from the U.S. Congress.

"It's time for me to go do something else," DeLay told Fox News.

DeLay insisted that he did not feel defeated in the face of legal battles and blamed politics for his woes, which have included an indictment in Texas on campaign finance charges and a Capitol Hill lobbying scandal that so far has ensnared two of his former aides.

The shock announcement came 12 years after DeLay helped Republicans capture control of the House. Democrats have sought to make DeLay and Republican ethical scandals an issue as they try to recapture the chamber this year in November elections.

Thank you Tom Delay for your serivce. This is the worst thing that can happen. They cant beat him the right way, so they have to beat him the wrong way. Thanks Tom, until next time, Thanks for the memories.

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